Thursday, October 19, 2006

finish paint / installed cabinets

Long time since I have updated things here.. but now I have the moulding all installed and primed and painted. The walls are also primed and painted. The cabinets are finished and now installed. They really look great and Dave did an awesome job putting it all together and also helping me install them. The material used was a Veneer called "Italian Ebony" Bascially this is a copy of the exotic hardwood called Macassar Ebony, but this is a much more earth friendly version. To create this veneer two types of wood are sandwiched / glued together.. then the thin veneer is cut off in sheets. This results in the two color look of the Macassar Ebony, but without harvesting the hardwood from environmentally fragile locations.

The recessed medicine cabinet is installed along with the light fixture just above it. The mirror is made by Robern and it's got a very nice defogging / door warming feature. The dimmers have yet to be installed.

Here is the vanity cabinet. Still have to pick out a stone or some solid surface that will finish the top of the cabinet. It also needs some drawer pulls to make opening and closing things much easier.

Detail of the crown moulding and the open shelved cabinet. The top piece of the cabinet is removable to have access to the light bulbs back in the wall. It's a very nice feature with a special clip to hold the piece in place, but also allows easy removal.

Here is the recessed open shelved cabinet that has adjustable shelving. The floor heating thermostat is installed on the wall just in front of the cabinet.