Monday, May 14, 2007

Coorporate MashUp

Electronic Arts Redwood Shores Campus gets a Starbucks inside the atrium of building #250. What other cooporate mashups are next??

Starbucks Cup Durability Test

I was listening to NPR a while back and they were discussing the new Starbucks cups that are made from 10% recycled product. I mumbled to myself, "Geeezzz it seems like they could be making these from more than 10% recycled product." The claim from the Starbucks spokesperson was that this could jepordize the integrity and strength of the cup. Being born in the "land of the wastefull" I thought of the uncommon idea that it might be interesting to actually see how long one of these new cups would last.

This simple questions deserves a simple answer:

Exactly 8 uses.
After use #1 and #2

After use #3

After use #4

After use #5

After use #6

After use #7

After use #8

Prior to use #9 Cup officially expires.

Detail of the weakest link.... the seam.