Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pimp my rice paddy?

Rice Paddy Art

Each year, farmers in the town of Inakadate in Aomori prefecture create works of crop art by growing a little purple and yellow-leafed kodaimai rice along with their local green-leafed tsugaru-roman variety. This year’s creation — a pair of grassy reproductions of famous woodblock prints from Hokusai’s 36 Views of Mount Fuji — has begun to appear (above). It will be visible until the rice is harvested in September.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Looks a bit like Burning Man

I saw this video and with the "Waffle" errrr.. "Birdsnest" in the background.. this is almost looking like Burningman. Innovative uses of tiny LED lighting is a must for protests and life in the Playa.... and remember Don't be a Dark Wad.

Bright Lights spell out "Free Tibet" on banner in Bejing.

Monday, August 18, 2008

CG Hair gets a new look

University of California, San Diego today announced a new method for accurately capturing the shape and appearance of a person’s hairstyle. The results closely match the real hairstyles and can be used for animation.

Article can be found here:

More Dead Space......

Two are diggin - one is.... ahh... not so much. :) Enjoy this Dead Space review on 1UP

This one is from the Community Day here at EARS... find it on Achievement Hunter

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Lighting Presentation is now Live

Here's the link to my lighting / rendering presentation for Dead Space. There were a few links floating around for this... but something was a bit wacky with the audio. This version went live the other day and looks quite bit better... weird to see yourself on camera.. guess I wouldn't be a good actor! Sorry for the power point graphics... you really can't see any of what is on the TV monitor. Note to self: Never use a white background with black type.. this will be completely unreadable if video taped.

Well.. I hope that this might help to clear up some of the confusion going on around "frame rate" and real time rendering vs. "software / pre-rendered solutions".

I'll see if I can post a few of my power-point slides on this blog as well.. that might also serve as interesting information for some of ya.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Isaac Clarke on Twitter

Tell your friends and family to follow Dead Space's own Isaac Clarke on Twitter.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Off to Godfather

Looks like I will be now going onto GodfatherII for a bit. No rest for the weary... still not done with Dead Space.. but hopefully I can get this in the can and take a bit of R&R before getting on the GFII train.

Community Day Rock'd!

Thanks to all who helped put the Dead Space EA Community day together. It was lots of fun for me to get to meet some of the peeps who have their fingers on the pulse of the industry. My voice took a beating as I am speaking today like I smoked a pack 'o Camels. :)

Seriously... was very cool to see this side of things and get out from behind my computer for a bit. Great to see the excitement and appreciation for the game. It truly makes me and the rest of the lighting peeps happy to know that our work is valued and respected by our core gamer community.

Starting to collect links:


Dead Space is racking up the awards!

Game Critics Awards – Winner! Best Action/Adventure Game
New York Times – Winner! 10 Games that Impressed at E3 (List) “Without question the sleeper hit of E3.”
Popular Mechanics – Winner! Top Ten Games of E3 – Dead Space takes #5
IGN – Winner! Best X360 Action Game
Kotaku – Winner! Best Action/Adventure Game of E3 – Winner! Top Ten Games by Platform, 5th on Xbox, 6th on PS3 and 10th on PC
GamePro – Winner! Silver Medal
Cheat Code Central – Winner! Best Horror Game of E3
IGN – Nominee: Best Overall Action Game, Best PS3 Action Game, Best PC Action Game, Best X360 Graphics Technology
GameTrailers – Nominee: Best New Franchise, Best Shooter
1UP – Nominee: Best E3 Action Game
X-Play – Nominee: Best Innovation
UGO – Special follow-up commendation for Best Action Adventure Game

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Dead Space Community Day

Today and tomorrow EA is sponsoring a Dead Space community day. The roster of events will include a meet and greet along with dinner and drinks. A 7:00 pm double feature along with Popcorn and all the candy your dentist told you not to eat will be available for the invited guests.

Tomorrow the 6th heats up with hands on game play and discussions and interviews with the developers including myself! Stay tuned for more.