Monday, May 14, 2007

Coorporate MashUp

Electronic Arts Redwood Shores Campus gets a Starbucks inside the atrium of building #250. What other cooporate mashups are next??

Starbucks Cup Durability Test

I was listening to NPR a while back and they were discussing the new Starbucks cups that are made from 10% recycled product. I mumbled to myself, "Geeezzz it seems like they could be making these from more than 10% recycled product." The claim from the Starbucks spokesperson was that this could jepordize the integrity and strength of the cup. Being born in the "land of the wastefull" I thought of the uncommon idea that it might be interesting to actually see how long one of these new cups would last.

This simple questions deserves a simple answer:

Exactly 8 uses.
After use #1 and #2

After use #3

After use #4

After use #5

After use #6

After use #7

After use #8

Prior to use #9 Cup officially expires.

Detail of the weakest link.... the seam.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lumia Grande Burning Man Project

The Lumia Grande project has been migrated to it's own Blog site.