Sunday, October 25, 2009

Beach Trash

After feeling like a castaway due to spending a few weeks on a secluded beach in Mexico. I awoke one day with an idea of walking the entire bay and picking up trash. The strange bit of this adventure was the amount of shoes that I found. It was interesting that I never came across pairs, only a single lone shoe missing its twin.

After collection two grocery bags full. I thought it would be a good idea to make them into some form of art before I threw them into the garbage.

Mimicking the palm leaf shapes casting shadows on the ground, I ordered the shoes largest to smallest creating my "found object art piece" Here's the photo of my work!

I'm still a bit bewildered by how many shoes are washed up on shore when compared to other trash items. I think that this provides a bit of a lesson to all of us. Please check your shoes to be sure they are a snug fit, or leave them with your towel. The ocean has a way of taking them and never giving them back.