Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Lighting Presentation is now Live

Here's the link to my lighting / rendering presentation for Dead Space. There were a few links floating around for this... but something was a bit wacky with the audio. This version went live the other day and looks quite bit better... weird to see yourself on camera.. guess I wouldn't be a good actor! Sorry for the power point graphics... you really can't see any of what is on the TV monitor. Note to self: Never use a white background with black type.. this will be completely unreadable if video taped.

Well.. I hope that this might help to clear up some of the confusion going on around "frame rate" and real time rendering vs. "software / pre-rendered solutions".

I'll see if I can post a few of my power-point slides on this blog as well.. that might also serve as interesting information for some of ya.


Mikkel Gjoel said...

Pretty cool presentation :) - end result looks very good!

What are the odds we can get you to post the powerpoint here? :) - it's quite difficult to see what's going on, on the tv.


Dave "Blizz" said...

I was planning on adding some more detail as to the lighting / rendering of Dead Space via other Blog entries. I'll see if I can post more specifics or even the contents of the powerpoint. Thanks for checking it out!