Friday, November 07, 2008

Cliffy B might go Survival Horror

This article posted on Destructiod mentions that Cliffy B. from Gears of War fame might be interested in making a Survial Horror game. I wonder if any inspiration comes from Dead Space? A quote pulled from the article states, "Do you think this one has been in the works for awhile? Or is it a "me too" title, following the success of Dead Space and coming in line after Resident Evil 5?"


Anonymous said...


Could You post deferred lighting slides? Currently even the video from presentation isn't working :(.

I'm currently working on deferred for the xbox and it would be very interesting to read about Yours aproach on this platform.

Dave "Blizz" said...

I've had a few requests for more detail on the deferred rendering tech. I have been swamped with finishing up on GodFather II here at EA. Then on to Need For Speed.. but promise to add this stuff soon!

I didn't know the video was down.. sorry about that.