Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A very cool thing that someone on the team discovered is the fact that you can go to Search for Dead Space, and find people who are playing the game live right now while they offer commentary and take direction and comments from IM scrolling off to the side bar of the page.

Many of us on the Dead Space team didn't realize just how much fun it is to watch other peeps playing the game that you created. It's been a blast!

Seems like we could just use this approach as another form of focus testing. It would alow others to play the game while we provide feedback and comunicate via voice or im.

Another interesting idea would be to have some of the developers on the team play the game while providing insider commentary as it happens. I am sure that a bunch of gamers out there would love to hear the ideas and inspirations in a "behind the scenes playthrough"

Hey EA Marketing peeps.. what do you think about giving this a shot?

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