Monday, August 10, 2009

Living & Surviving - The Other Half "Literally"

In Hongshan village, Xiangzhou town, Zhuhai city, Guangdong province, there is an extraordinary four-story building. Half of the building has been demolished, but people continued to live in the other half. According to the owner (of the remaining half), the building had been owned by him and his cousin. Last year, his cousin sold his half of the building to a real estate developer which demolished that half. However, he was unable to reach an agreement to the real estate developer and therefore continued to live there. The family of six of the owner lives on the fourth floor, while the rest of the floors are rented out at very cheap rents of 100 to 200 yuan per month per floor. The real estate developer went out of business two months ago.

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Nothing like just being Halfway there.How to Change a Man
by Timothy McAuliffe
After God created all the earth all the
elements started to fight and argue.
The sun would say he was strongest the wind
would then argue that he was strongest.
The wind then suggested a challenge.
The wind seeing a man walking said who ever
could get that man to take off his coat
would be the strongest.
The sun said I would take that challenge.
The wind went first and tried to blow the
coat off the man.
The man held his coat tightly and ran to a
building. The wind was blown out.
The sun said now watch me.
The man came outside the sun beamed warmth
on the man. The man then took off his coat
placed it on the ground under a tree and
took a nap.
Now we see it doesn't take a lot of wind to
change a man just some warmth.

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