Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ok..Ok.. Alright..Alright.. I'm way behind on my posts.. but that's because I have been really busy!!

So over the past few weeks.. things have progressed quite a bit. After Howie took care of the electrial work, all in one day! That was fast! Jorge and I started back on a few items that needed to get finished up. We put up all the insulation for the entire room. Using thick R-19 in the ceiling cavity. That should help a bit on the sound proofing, but more on that later as we will be installing some other materials that will help isolate the sound and keep things quiet down here.

Another one checked off the list was to move the hole for the toilet as it was in the wrong place. We patched the old one and it's ready to go for the new hole in the correct location this time please! Here it is after the patch work.
While I had some of the thinset mixed up, it was good to finish the seams for the floor with the fiberglass tape.

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