Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Plumbing is not fun!

Things are ready for the plumbing work to start. I have designed a complicated shower system, so I assuming that this is going to be a bit tricky.

Larry my plumber friend from R&L Plumbing hooked me up with one of his plumber friends Phillip. I gave Phillip a call to see if he could start on the work to coincide with my day off from work. It's a good situation as I am able to pay Phillip directly for his work and get his personal rate vs. the inflated rates that would normally be paid directly to a plumbing company. I am also going to help out with all the plumbing work and my rate is totally affordable! :) I'm a good helper so I'm hoping that we can get all the work done in a day or so.

I was totally wrong with my time estimates for the amount of work required. Phillip and I worked Thurs, Friday, Saturday and still didn't finish. There was just so much work to do here. After looking at the situation he decided to cut out a big portion of the old waste lines to connect the new stuff much easier and cleaner.

Got the closet flange / toilet waste line in the correct position now!

All the new plumbing was lots and lots of work to figure out and to get soldered in place. Bascially it was like a puzzle and to get it finished took tons of time! The shower consists of an overhead rain shower as well as 4 body sprays, tub spout, volume contols, and thermostat. Getting all of this to fit inside the wall and to get all the holes in the right place was a serious challange.

A side effect of all this work is that my house is starting to look like a bomb went off. Here is my hallway during the plumbing work. UGG!

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