Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ceiling done.. Window and Door Mouldings...

The tile is basically all done... except that they need to come back and fix a small detail. The holes that they made in the tile for the body spray fixtures are too large. When installing the body spray fixture.. it doesn't cover the entire hole. :(

The ceiling is also basically done... I went ahead and put the final two coats of paint on it. Figured it would be best to just finish it up and try to install the rain shower, and all the lighting trims etc.. this way I won't have to take anything back down to apply the final coat of paint. Here is the picture of the recessed shower niche design element.

Here is a detail of the light slit element. I still need to find a small statue of the Mayan rain god Chaac! That will make it complete! The box in the center between the two slits of light will be the place where the statue can sit. I will also put in some small semi-opaque pieces of glass in the light slits to finish them off.

Here are some details of the moulding work that I have completed. The door and window mouldings are done.. just have to add the crown mouldings and that will be it for the mouldings in this room! :) Just primer white on everything at this point... still need to decide on the paint colors. That always proves to be a difficult challenge even though it seems like it should be really simple.Color is really difficult to get right!

What's next?? Install all the shower fixtures, and get the cabinets done!! Hopefully Dave the cabinet maker is getting these done in the next few weeks.. saying with my fingers crossed. Once the cabinets are all installed, then I will get the plumber back to finish up on the sink hookup and toilet installation.

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