Thursday, July 27, 2006

Glass door / Crown Mouldings begin / Some painting..

Ahhh... having a shower at home has been sweet.. but now lets take it up a notch! I've installed the body spray units and just today the Glass shower door was installed. The shower door was done by a company called Schicker. I must say that they did an amazing job. It's fun to watch people that have done something so many times that they don't even have to think about what they are doing. There is no time wasted in indecision or doing things out of order. The process is mangaged with as few steps as possible and things are done once. It's great when things work out that way.. it was a good day for Dave and the bathroom today.

I managed to get the body spray shower heads installed. The showering experience should be something like a carwash.

Here is the detail of the shower head and recessed ceiling element. This is my artist inspired angled photo.

I've started painting the mouldings around the windows... I'm going with the same moulding color as the rest of the house. I think that the color is going to work well.

The crown mouldings are started, but I won't be able to finish these completely until the recessed cabinet / shelf unit goes in. Hurry up Dave the cabinet maker!! :) Hopefully Dave is going to get things done in the next few weeks so that I can really and truely finish this project. Once the vanity goes in, then I can install the sink, faucet and toilet. almost.. almost.. almost.. really this time..!!!

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