Sunday, July 16, 2006

Houston we have a shower!

I've managed to install a bunch of the fixtures for the bathtub and shower. The volume contols were a bit tricky to install as two different pieces of this fixture needed to be cut to different lengths in order for it all to be correct. yikes.. that was a bit tricky but I managed to get the job done with a bit of patients and being super extra careful. The big issue here is that if you get it wrong.. you can't just easily replace the valve. Tile would have to be torn out and then plumbing would need to be cut out and replaced.. pheeewwww... glad that it's done.

The body spray's are going to have to wait as the tile guy needs to come back. The holes in the tile are too large and leave a visible gap when the body spray fixtures are installed. :(

I've installed the rain shower head as well. This uses a Opella extension kit. It all conected up somewhat easily and looks nice.

The tub spout was the easiest one.. just keep turning it until it was just right!

A major milestone was achieve this weekend as the first shower was taken in this bathroom since early MARCH!! YIKES!

The glass shower door should be installed sometime this week!

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