Thursday, October 02, 2008

VP debate brought to you by ExxonMobile Corp.

Just took a look at a link posted on Twitter by @ClockworkGrue McCain says Obama lead is growing because "life isn't fair" So each time I think that things are looking even more and more odd with not only this election, the process, and the country.. What I am really alarmed about is not this piece of journalism but what I see off to the side bar of this article.

This should be a red flag to anyone thinking that we are getting a fair and balanced view of what happens in this country. Most importantly what happens regarding our political process. The caption reads: Sponsored By ExxonMobile "Taking on the world's toughest energy challenges" Are you serious?

Has anyone else been wondering why our debate process doesn't have proper oversight to ensure that this is delivered to the American public in a fair and unbiased way? There was a great interview on this mornings Oct 2nd. "Democracy Now" discussing just how the election process went from being a fair and un-biased process with oversight to what it has become today. It is now managed and run by a private corporation called the "Commission on Presidential Debates". Check out what George Farah has to say on the topic and learn more from the Open Debates website devoted to fair and open debates.

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