Monday, April 10, 2006

More weekend work and a compressor from "Vince"

Weekend of 4/8-4/9

Jorge and I got quite a bit done..

Installation of recessed lighting fixtures
Installation of exhaust fan
Finished installing all decking materials 2x6 in airshaft
Filled all holes and gaps with expanding foam
Found some big holes / gaps where the waste line from upstairs unit pokes through joist. Caulked and filled these
Finished putting up moisture barrier on west wall
Rough framing for tub and dropped tub in to be sure that it all fits

The installation of the recessed lighting became a bit more complicated as some water pipes from the upstairs unit are in the way of one of the fixtures. The fixture is unable to be placed in the correct location. I am going to have to re-order another recessed can that is non-ic rated as it is much smaller and will fit without any issues. Just need to keep the insulation 3" away from this one.

Got email regarding medicine cabinet / mirror. It has finally shipped and should arrive tomorrow. The only item that is still back-ordered is my tub spout!

The adventures continue..... This time it was an attempt to purchase a Hitachi compressor from some dude "Vince" on CraigsList.

I have been looking to purchase an aircompressor to drive my nail gun / framing gun. I figured in the long run this will probably save me time and money vs. going to the tool rental shop each time. I have been searching on Craigslist hoping to find something slightly used but for a more reasonable price. On Friday I saw a Hitachi EC12 in very good condition listed for 175.00. This is a decent price considering that they sell new for around 220.00. Sounds quite simple right? ugggg!!!

I called the number and talked to this guy named Vince who exploits the usage of the word "dude" more than the Jeff Spicoli character from Fast Times. He seems a bit sketch, but what the heck... He says that he has used it very little, probably only about 50 hours or so to do some framing work. He seems very anxious to sell it as soon as possible, but I tell him that I don't have any time to take a look at it until next week.

Saturday Vince calls me and says that he is willing to meet me in San Francisco because he really wants to sell it quickly and get the cash. I tell him that I am busy all day working on my house, but if he wants to drive over to my house and drop it off.... he is more than welcome to do so. He agrees to swing it by.. Sweet... all I have to do is hang out here and wait until he shows up! This is working out even better than I could have expected!

Vince calls back.. says that he won't be able to make it to San Francisco today it went something like "The traffic is really bad dude." An alternate plan is discussed, we decide to meet up at 8pm at IKEA in Emeryville. This is probably only about 15 min away from my house during non traffic hours.

I call Vince at 7:30 saying that I am on my way and to make sure that he is still on his way. He says that all systems are go.

I get to IKEA at about 7:50 and then Vince calls... kind of weird because the first thing that he says is "How about $150 for the compressor" I am like... err.. ahh.. what?? Why are you offering it to me for 25 bucks less than we agreed? He proceeds to tell me that he is running late and feels really bad for making me wait. He wants to make it worth my time and so he is knocking 25 bucks off the price. He promises to be at IKEA no later than 9:00pm. I figure.. I'm here.. what the heck, I'll go walk around IKEA and eat some Sweedish meetballs for dinner and buy one of those industrial sized supplies of Tea Light Candles for some insanely low price.

Vince calls again around 8:45 saying something like he is at Home Depot in Oakland and he is not sure what to do. HUH? I tell him that we are supposed to be meeting up at IKEA and I am here and not going to meet up anywhere else besides I am in the middle of eating a $1.00 cinnamon swirl cake thingy, such tasty goodness for only a buck. He asks me to find out the street that IKEA is on as he feels this is necessary requirement for him to find the place. I am like.. "Street address?? I have no idea.. just take highway 880 until you see this big yellow sign that is about the size of a small blimp it says IKEA!! Really you can't miss it" He replies "ok dude.. I'm gonna find it for sure"

Vince shows up around 9:10 or so... he is in a construction truck that says the name of a company all over it. He says that he is sorry and that somehow he missed IKEA and ended up at Home Depot. "I just got caught up man." Compressor looks sweet, almost brand new, I check the oil and it has some which is a good thing. Doesn't seem to be any metal fillings or anything bad in the oil... so cool I'll take it. Vince reassures me that if anything is wrong I should let him know and I know where he works and his phone number so all is good. I pay $149 cash for the deal as neither of us have the exact change.

I get the compressor home.. Plug it in.... Flip to switch... errrr... hmmm... nothing, dead, bust. I try it again, first resetting the breaker on the exterior panel of the compressor. Turn it on, it makes a bit of a humming sound and the breaker trips again. Pissed off? yeah.. right.. I don't think that simple word can do the situation justice.

Call Vince.. tell him that he has sold me a bum compressor. He swears up and down that it works fine and I should try it in another outlet, maybe that one is not delivering enough juice to turn it over. This sounds really odd, I have used compressors before in the same exact outlet without any issues.. but what the hell. I lug the thing over to two additional outlets and get the same exact behavior.

Call Vince.. He swears it works, but he does offer to give me my money back if it doesn't. I am telling him ok, but in the back of my mind I know this guy is just full of BS. I just need to go to sleep, it's about 11:00pm and I am way beyond beat.

Fed up.. called Vince back and left a message. "I want my money back"

Weird stuff.. Vince calls me on Monday AM to ask if the compressor is working. I say that it doesn't and I want my money back. Didn't he get my last message? Anyway he says that is totally cool and will figure something out so we can meet up and make the reverse exchange.

Called Vince back today about 5 times.. just rings and rings and rings... no answer.. ok.. guess this is the place where he just doesn't answer my calls and I give up and he keeps my cash and I keep a bum compressor.

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