Thursday, April 20, 2006

Weds day off from work means day of work at home

Jorge and I got to work in the morning checking a few more things off the list. I will be adding photos later!
  • Routed out the stud in the wall to lower the box for the light fixture above the mirror.
  • Cut out the old waste line for the toilet. There is a bit more work here since the toilet hole was cut out in the wrong place. I don't really understand why the contractor decided to cut the toilet hole in the floor so early in the process. Rule of thumb #210.5 Always leave this stuff until much later. Many things will change that will ultimately effect the placement of fixtures etc. Cut out the hole in the floor when you are sure where the hole will be. Cutting in the wrong place triggers lots of additional work to fix the mistake plus the additional work of cutting the hole again. Yucky
  • Framing of wall behind the tub. This got complicated as there is a design element built into this wall providing a small slit of light through a portal in the wall. Nothing seemed to go right... it was very frustrating to say the least.
  • Additional supports added to wall to provide support for the glass shower door.
  • Finished adding electrical boxes to get things ready for electrician tomorrow AM.

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